Paper Mill Assistant Superintendent

  • European Staff B.v.
  • Jackson,AL,United States
  • May 21, 2021

Job Description

Vacancies on 6 continents

Candidates in 112 countries

Responsible for safely & efficiently utilizing the full potential of the team leaders, operating crews, & support services on J3 to maximize the day to day performance of J3 while providing quality, timely, & cost effective services & products to internal & external customers. Enforces & reviews all applicable safety rules, practices, systems, housekeeping, & mill rules in a fair, firm, & consistent manner. Achieve objectives of J3 Superintendent through performance management, direction setting, work execution, maintenance coordination & review of daily operations, environmental issues, & government compliance. Ensure quality/efficiency/customer satisfaction through application of Total Quality and ISO standards & practices, disciplined manufacturing, reductions in cycle time, elimination of non-value adding work, & decision making at the lowest practical level. Supports established performance standards & goals, audits & addresses performance accomplishments & issues, identification & elimination of performance barriers, application of the labor contract & consistent human resource support practices and tools. Fill J3 Superintendent vacancy as required.

Bachelor's degree in pulp and paper engineering is preferred.

Five to seven years of applicable work experience in paper mill operations is required.

Solid paper mill manufacturing/production/maintenance background with the ability to learn new concepts and information.

Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills essential.

Excellent written and oral communication skills are needed.

Location: Jackson, Alabama