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Job Description

The Animal Control Department Head assumes responsibility for the coordination, planning, scheduling and management of the Walker County Animal Control staff; enforcement of ordinances related to the control and care of animals; and ensures the safe and humane treatment of all animals while upholding the highest standard of animal care.


The Animal Control Department is responsible for responding to all domestic animal complaints. This position responds to rabies issues with wild animals and domestic animals; any public health or safety issues that are domestic animal-related.


Manage all aspects of the day-to-day animal control operations and ensure that work is done in a timely fashion and in accordance with established procedures and state laws

Properly manage the budgeted funds of the Animal Control department

Train, evaluate, supervise, schedule and direct the activities of the Animal Control staff, so as to provide for their growth and to maximize the potential of all employees for the good of the County

Work collaboratively with all staff members to achieve the completion of daily work assignments, following proper animal control protocols; has accountability for measurable results in these areas

Treat animals humanely, with compassion and concern, both on and off the job

Regularly conduct and participate in meetings with the staff to share ideas and suggestions designed to improve working conditions and the overall care for animals

Foster a team environment by working effectively with all departments and members of Walker County Government to accomplish department and organizational goals and objectives

Maintain written equipment and daily operational supply inventory, ensuring necessary tools and resources are readily available to staff when needed

Manage all complaints/reports regarding domesticated animals

Manage all complaints/reports of possible abuse, neglect and cruelty to domestic animals

Pick up stray domesticated animals running at large in the community, provided the Animal Shelter has capacity

Perform animal control officer duties as required; provide technical assistance to subordinates in difficult, technical or sensitive situations

Examine domesticated animals on-premises to determine if that animal is in immediate danger and needs to be removed from the premises

Patrol areas where the county receives a high volume of animal complaints

Investigate all complaints/reports of any animal (wild or domestic) with possible rabies exposure

Write and issue citations to animal owners for violations of Walker County codes pertaining to animals

Appear/testify in court when called upon by the County Attorney

Serve as a liaison to the Walker County Animal Control Board

File caseload paperwork on animal incidents accurately and in a timely manner

Complete reports containing pertinent information for each animal brought into the shelter by an Animal Control Officer

Assist/work with shelter staff in offloading animals from the Animal Control truck

Clean and disinfect bed of Animal Control truck after each time an animal is brought in to the shelter to prevent disease and cross-contamination

Assist shelter staff in euthanasia when called upon

Conduct semi-annual inspections of the property where Classified Dogs are located.

Work 911-based Animal Control after-hours calls on a rotating shift for nights and holidays

Perform daily vehicle inspection of assigned Animal Control truck

Wash and clean inside & outside of assigned Animal Control truck as needed

Attend Animal Control training/conferences from time to time

Advise citizens on responsibilities of animal ownership

Other duties as assigned; duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.


High School Diploma or GED

Must be at least 18 years of age

Experience with animals preferred


Ability to maintain confidence and control around animals

Strong working knowledge of Walker County Animal Care Ordinances

Ability to provide excellent customer service to citizens at all times, especially in stressful circumstances, by providing friendly interaction with citizens and animals

General safety rules and regulations pertaining to duties

Use of catchpole, cat tongs, baton, and dart gun

Must be able to drive a pick-up truck with an animal cage attachment on the bed

Use of computer, copier, smartphone, and other general office equipment

Ability to follow procedures and policies pertaining to job duties and responsibilities

Wear provided county uniform at all times while on duty


POST Certified Officer

Weapon carry permit

A valid driver’s license and maintain a satisfactory Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)


These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the Animal Control Officer‘s job. Reasonable accommodation can be made to enable people with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this job.

While performing the responsibilities of the job, the employee is required to stand, walk, sit, climb, bend, crouch, and twist to perform such tasks as:

Observing the area and communicating with others

Walking around the worksite

Lifting supplies and equipment

Sitting while driving

Reaching for objects and equipment

Kneeling, bending, or crouching to subdue, restrain, or capture an animal

Crawling under equipment or inside attics, pipes or ditches

Pushing and pulling file drawers or tables and chairs

Climbing stairs and ladders

Balancing on ladders and uneven surfaces

Twisting from computer to phone, getting inside a vehicle, getting through tight places

Hand and foot dexterity is required to operate a vehicle, control equipment, office equipment, and paperwork.

Hearing and speech are necessary to communicate with citizens and co-workers in person, by telephone and radio.

Good vision is required for all functions.

This position must be able to lift 35 pounds frequently and 75 pounds occasionally. Pushing, pulling, tugging, and towing when transporting animals by leash or in cages is also performed on a frequent basis. Some larger canine breeds may exceed 100 pounds.

Physical hazards include exposure to dangerous and fractious animals, animal bites and scratches are common, so the need for restraint of temperamental, aggressive, and sick animals on a regular basis. The physical agility and mental acuity to handle these sudden and potentially dangerous situations is a must.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is usually exposed to a noise level that is moderate to loud. About 10% of the work is performed in a controlled office environment with regulated heating and air conditioning.

An estimated 90% of the time is spent driving from one location to another in traffic and weather conditions normal to this region, and working out of doors, without the aid of air conditioning and heating for periods of time, as well as exposure to wind, rain, heat, cold and other environmental elements.


Successful development and implementation of objectives; continuous growth in service provided

Ability to work alone or with a team

Appropriate and positive interaction with staff, management, volunteers, community groups, professional associates and private citizens

The accomplishment of job functions in an effective and timely manner

Proficiency in oral and written communication

Effectiveness in establishing priorities, working on multiple assignments and concurrent projects

Exercise of sound judgment in the absence of specific guidelines

Demonstrated ability to thoroughly analyze problems; to meet demanding and changing deadlines in spite of interruptions

Adherence to established policies and procedures

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