General Labor

  • Ach Foam Technologies, Llc
  • Ardmore,OK,USA
  • May 21, 2021

Job Description


· Employee must be able to follow all instructions and work with little supervision

· Ability to learn new skills.

· Trains and works on other jobs in the facility as required by production needs

· Sweeps the floors and uses shovel to pickup debris.

· Works at the starter strip machine in producing starter strips.

· Aides the line workers in stacking off shingles when required.

· Enters and cleans the surge tank, mixer and various asphalt stills and cleans as instructed, in a safe and effective manner.

· Helps out with “Heavy Tails” on coated products.

· Laces up the winder when on roll products and loads roll products onto pallets as required.

· Assists in the lace up of the roofing line.

· Works all positions when running Artloc, including the hand loading of product.

· Operate a forklift safely and maintain certification.

· Works rewraps as required.

· Keeps busy cleaning all areas of the roofing line.

· Always wears required safety equipment.

· Uses additional PPE when/if required.

· Follows Lockout/Tag-Out procedures when doing maintenance or making adjustments to equipment

· Reads and understands all tasks and reviews Job Safety Analysis.

· Follows instructions as to all other tasks that supervisor requires. Asks questions when in doubt.

· Always works in a safe manner to avoid injuries.

· Frequent heavy lifting requires the use of good lifting techniques. Back braces can be provided upon request.

· Perform all tasks in a manner by which our customers are receiving top quality, well presented products with no damages.

· Identify quality issues and remove inferior products from production line.

· Maintain proper manner of workmanship to avoid the manufacture of materials not meeting quality standard.


· Must be able to read, write and count.

· Have knowledge of safety requirements and PPE required.

· Able to understand all Job Safety Analysis and follow them.

· Maintain good safety record.

· Ability to identify quality issues with all products