Seasonal Laborer II

  • Commonwealth Of Massachusetts
  • Belchertown,MA,USA
  • May 21, 2021

Job Description

Seasonal Laborer II

Quabbin/Ware Region - Belchertown: 04/04/2021-10/22/2021 (29 weeks) @ 40 hours: Monday-Friday; 7am-3:30pm --1 opening(s)

Please note, if you are selected for this position and will be working less than 90 days, the position will automatically revert to a short-term position.

Our short-term positions are not part of the salary scale that is advertised within this job posting. Should this position revert to a short-term seasonal position (less than 90 days), your salary rate will be discussed with you during the interview phase of the process.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation manages one of the largest and most diverse state parks systems in the nation and protects and enhances natural resources and outdoor recreational opportunities throughout Massachusetts. The DCR system includes over 450,000 acres of parks, forests, water supply protection lands, beaches, lakes, ponds, playgrounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, golf courses, trails and parkways.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation seeks qualified applicants for the position of Laborer II for the Water Supply Protection Division, Quabbin/Ware Region located in Belchertown, Massachusetts.

General Duties Include:Perform various manual labor tasks in support of the skilled tradesmen and craftsmen; dig and backfill excavations and level earth to grade; shore excavations, set and repair curbing, patch roadways and sidewalks with paving materials, install and repair signs; clean storm drains and catch basins; perform snow removal and ice control work; maintain grounds by cutting lawns, pruning trees and shrubs; and perform related work as required. The basic purpose of this work is to perform manual tasks requiring specialized skill and the use of hand tools to support general construction and maintenance activities.

Specific Duties Include:

-Performs various manual labor tasks, which may require some specialized skills, to assist in the work of skilled tradesmen and craftsmen such as carpenter, plumbers, and masons.

-Performs various manual tasks in connection with the installation of drainage, sewer, and/or water pipelines or conduits, such as positioning, joining, and sealing pipe sections and culverts, erecting and removing shoring and bracing for trenches and excavations.

-Digs trenches and similar excavations, refills excavations, spreads, and levels to grade dirt, gravel, and other materials using pick and shovel.

-Sets and repairs curing’ patches broken or eroded pavement by breaking surface and mixing and applying a variety of paving materials such as mortar, concrete, cement, etc. using small hand tools in order to keep roadways and sidewalks in a safe condition.

-Installs, repairs and maintains signs such as regulatory, historic, and information signs by performing such tasks as digging holes and installing supports using a variety of hand or handheld power tools.

-Plants, transplants, prunes, trims and fertilizes trees, shrubs, seeds lawns and gardens; sprays for insects and plant diseases; and performs related tasks such as cutting grass, raking leaves, and watering trees, shrubs, and flowers as required for the upkeep and beautification of public grounds.

-Performs various manual tasks in connection with snow removal and ice control work, including shoveling snow using shovels and/or snow blower, spreading salt and sand, and scraping/breaking ice in order to provide safe roadways and sidewalks for motorist and pedestrians.

-Load and unload trucks, physically or by use of dollies; unpacks and stores supplies and equipment in stockrooms, storerooms, or warehouses, and takes periodic inventories of supplies and equipment.

-Performs preventive maintenance on assigned equipment and tools by washing, inspecting, tightening, lubricating and by sharpening edges on all cutting tools.

-Perform related duties such as installing, repairing, and painting guardrails; setting up wooden horses, cones, etc. at work sites for traffic control purposes; moving furniture and equipment; sweeping collecting, and removing rubbish, and opening clogged catch basins, storm drains, and sewer lines.

-Operate handheld power tools, tapping machines, and rodding machines.

-Service and make routine repairs and adjustments to automobiles, trucks, and other motorized equipment in accordance with oral and written instructions including changing and repairing tires, replacing headlights and windshield wiper blades, testing batteries using a battery tester, and checking water levels.

-Install attachments such as mowers, plow blades, leaf catcher, buckets, and vacuum cleaners to tractors and/or trucks in order to equip vehicles for grass cutting, roadway cleaning, snow removal, etc.

-Operate motor vehicles including light vehicles, trucks, snow and ice control equipment, skating rink resurfaces and outboard motor boasts in connection with assigned unit activities.

-Perform skilled labor duties in the construction repair and maintenance of water and sewer systems, highway, traffic systems, building maintenance, and similar public works projects.

-Install and maintain water and sewer services; lay main pipes’ puts in water gates; packs and repairs gates.

-Performs blacksmith, welding, and carpentry tasks

This requisition will remain open until filled; however, first consideration will be given to those applicants that apply within the first 10 days.

Minimum Entrance Requirements: Applicants must have at least six months of full-time, or equivalent part- time experience in performing manual labor in connection with general construction or maintenance work.

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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