Seasonal Carpenter 1

  • Commonwealth Of Massachusetts
  • Belchertown,MA,USA
  • May 21, 2021

Job Description

Seasonal Carpenter 1

Quabbin/Ware Region - Belchertown: 04/04/2021-10/22/2021 (29 weeks) @ 40 hours: Monday-Friday; 7am-3:30pm --1 opening(s)

Please note, if you are selected for this position and will be working less than 90 days, the position will automatically revert to a short-term position.

Our short-term positions are not part of the salary scale that is advertised within this job posting. Should this position revert to a short-term seasonal position (less than 90 days), your salary rate will be discussed with you during the interview phase of the process.

About the Agency

The Department of Conservation and Recreation manages one of the largest and most diverse state parks systems in the nation and protects and enhances natural resources and outdoor recreational opportunities throughout Massachusetts. DCR is a dynamic agency and is one of the largest park systems in the nation. The DCR system includes over 450,000 acres of parks, forests, water supply protection lands, beaches, lakes, ponds, playgrounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, golf courses, trails, and parkways.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Seasonal Carpenter I. There are seven (7) existing staffed buildings within the Quabbin/Ware Region, one (1) new building in development, and multiple other structures (barns, sheds, etc.) that are un-staffed. Most of the buildings are at least 80 years old.


Assists in maintaining buildings and related structures by applying carpentry techniques and using carpentry tools to construct, alter, repair, and/or install walls, stairs, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, roofs, gutters, locks, handicapped chair rails, and ramps, shelving, etc.

Assists in structural repair, alteration, or improvement work such as lowering ceilings and paneling rooms’ preparing surfaces for plaster or cement work’ studding, wiring, and plastering walls and cracks in floors or around windows, taping joints on sheetrock and pre-cementing and/or replacing Formica tops.

Applies paint, varnish, and/or stains to all types of surfaces in order to protect and beautify such surfaces using appropriate tools and equipment such as paint spraying machines; prepares surfaces for painting using appropriate tools, equipment, and techniques.

Performs related work such as framing pictures, making window and door screens drilling holes in signs; ordering materials and supplies and cleaning, and sharpening and tempering various tools and equipment.

Provide technical assistance to other employees.

Operate rigging for carpentry duties.

Perform related duties such as cutting, drilling, and wrapping metals; installing waterproofing felts; and coring holes in the cement.

Preferred Qualifications:

1). Knowledge of the principles and techniques of carpentry

2). Knowledge of the types of buildings structures

3). Knowledge of the types and uses of material used in carpentry

4). Knowledge of the safety practices and procedures followed in carpentry

5). Knowledge of the types and uses of safety equipment used in carpentry

6). Knowledge of the types and use of small hand-held tools such as hammers, saws, screwdrivers, chisels, drills, etc.

7). Knowledge of the types and uses of tools used in carpentry bench work.

8). Ability to work with minimal to no supervision

9). Ability to communicate effectively

10). Knowledge of the types and use of small measurement devices such as calipers, levels, rulers, steel squares, etc.

11). Knowledge of the properties and characteristics of wood

12). Knowledge of the types and uses of safety and/or climbing equipment such as scaffolds, ladders, rigging, etc.

13). Ability to follow oral and written instructions

14). Ability to read and interpret documents such as plans, blueprints, drawings, etc.

15). Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others

16). Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time

17). Ability to lift and carry heavy objects

18). Ability to give oral instruction in a precise, understandable manner

19). Physical stamina and endurance.

First consideration will be given to those applicants that apply within the first 14 days.

Minimum Entrance Requirements:

Applicants must have at least (A) three years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, experience in carpentry, woodworking or cabinetmaking work, or (B) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.


I. A diploma or certificate from a recognized trade, vocational or vocational school at high school level or higher, with a major in carpentry, woodworking, or cabinetmaking may be substituted for a maximum of two years of the required experience.

Special Requirements: None.

An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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