• Memco
  • College Station,TX,United States
  • May 21, 2021

Job Description



The Project Superintendent provides day to day oversight and direction to the foremen and field personnel assigned to a specific on-site construction project. He or she is responsible to protect and promote the interests and values of the company in all matters and to take actions as required to satisfy responsibilities. The Project Superintendent brings specialized knowledge and experience in executing projects for his or her specialty area.


Job Responsibilities


• Prepare for project startup with the General Superintendent and Project Manager. Execute project activities as required to meet day-to-day and overall objectives.

• Understand and apply the requirements in project documents with regard to quality control procedures such as testing, shop drawings, material approvals, samples, mock-ups, execution of the work, etc.

• Become familiar with each job estimate for general condition items and follow the direction of the management with regard to performing work within the boundaries of the estimate.

• Keep management apprised of any change in activity or cost prior to incurring additional time or materials outside of the project scope.

• Provide input on scheduling and placement of production crews. Plan and review the construction project with the management team on a weekly basis. Supervise the scheduling and completion of warranty issues.

• Assist in the preparation of progress schedules, keep them properly updated, and ensure that everything feasible is done for the project to meet the required dates.

• Works to ensure timely on-site delivery of materials and equipment furnished by the Company and subcontractors.

• Direct and train the foremen and field staff to ensure their continued development by use of performance evaluations, varying assignments, and promoting positive project morale.

• Work with the Safety Director to establish and maintain good safety and security practices for the entire project in accordance with applicable safety codes and regulations.

• Develop final punch lists and ensure all project tasks are completed.


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